t_20150723_132909.jpgIt’s National Hot Dog Day!!!!


As usually happens, I didn’t know it was National _________ Day until today.  I never do. I just don’t keep up with the myriad of nationally dedicated days or what they’re dedicated to.  Every once in a while, though, one will catch my eye.


This is one of those days.


I’m scheduled for a late shift tonight and because of this I had also stayed up late last night (because I’ve just never been able to turn off Shark Tank) so I was enjoying sleeping in when an errant alarm sounded shaking me from my slumber.  As I dismissed the alarm a notification dragged me into the Twittersphere where I was almost immediately made aware of what a special day was upon us.


I realized my sleeping in was over. I needed to get to the store so I could properly celebrate before heading to work.


I wanted to do a themed dog and after considering both the Chicago and Seattle style dogs (both of which will now happen in the near future), the weather, time of day, and beer I planned on pairing them with steered me to Hawaiian style.



To start off, I braised the all-beef hot dogs in Whirlpool, a wonderfully soft and juicy pale ale from Night Shift Brewing in Everett, MA that features prominant fruity characteristics and aromas of grapefruit and ripe peach.



These subtle flavors infused in the franks built a perfect base for the toppings.


Next I preheated the grill to medium heat and brought out dogs along with  a jalepeno and a couple slices of pinapple.





While everything was cooking, I whisked together some teriyaki sauce and mayonaise to drizzle over the dogs once they’re assembled.


Once the pineapple was slightly softened and well marked, the jalepeno charred and blistered, and hot dogs were crispy and had a few splits in them,  I went ahead and toasted the buns quickly then  pulled everything off the grill.


I roughly diced the pinapple and sliced the jalepeno to arrange on top of the dogs. I then added a few slices of raw red onion, some fresh torn cilantro leaves, and drizzled some of that teriyaki mayo over the whole thing and BOOM!!!!!




It’s sweet, it’s spicy, it’s savory and it’s simple!


Quick!  Go make yours while it’s still today!


I paired these dogs with my first ever Baby Genius Session IPA from Bissel Brother Brewing in Portland, ME.  This light and hazy brew is crisp with a nice mouthfeel, a solid bitter backbone overlaid with dry juicy hop aromas and flavor that went perfect with the spice and sweetness of the toppings while also taming the saltiness of the dogs. I have to thank my friend Tea Jay for bringing this in for me, it’s delicious!




Happy National Hot Dog Day, friends!


Cheers, people, and remember…..



Eat well. Drink well. Live well.