Grilled Scallops Topped with Grilled Bacon and Grilled Corn on Grilled Croissants




Welcome, friends!


A huge lacking element in my life over the past years had been outdoor space and (or more specifically for) a grill.  I’m one of those men who loves to grill in a way most women love to shop. It’s carnal, it’s natural, it’s in the fiber of my being.  And luckily, I’m prety damn good at it, too.


Luckily, last year I found a place with a small roofdeck and amazing sunsets and now that we’re through with that HORRIBLE winter I’ve started tailoring it to my liking.


Step 1.  Grill.   –   (CHECK)


I found an awesome grill for a great price and have been cooking outside ever since.




When faced with the “shooting stars collide” kind of situation where I had the apartment to myself, the weekend off, and money in my account I decided the first stop would be the grocery store to bury myself in “grillables” because while most people would relish this opportunity by going out, going nuts, spending every dime, and having hoardes of stories to tell at the end of the weekend.


A little about me…..No.


I’m a homebody.  I always have been and likely always will be.  I love going out and having a good time but i would much rather replicate amazing experiences at home so i know i can always get in, don’t have to pay cover, can use the bathroom, never have to wait for a drink, and go to bed whenever my little heart desires (or is too drunk)

That being said I’ve developed a knack and a love for being creative with food so that while I don’t often have war stories, I have an abundance of pictures of completely concocted and often “flown by the seat” dishes that have some sort of twist to them.


This is one of those dishes.



I had already grabbed my steak and ribs and chicken for the weekend and was wandering around making sure i wasn’t missing anything.  Some fresh croissants (i know because the box was still fogged up from the steam) caught my eye and I’m a sucker for a good, fresh croissant. In the cart they went.


As I made one final pass through the aisles, I saw packages of freshly packed sea scallops and something clicked.


Sea Scallops + Croissants = Buttery AWESOMENESS!


I grabbed 2 packs (since I had also picked up a gorgeous ribeye)


The sweet wonderfullness that erupted forth was this recipe for a grilled scallop “po boy(kinda)” using grilled croissants as the sub roll.


Naked grilled scallops atop crisp iceberg shreds, topped with a mix of grilled corn and grilled bacon and finished with a scotch bonnet, white basalmic and honey vinagrette.


Buttery goodness balanced by grilled char and a pleasant subtle sweet heat from the scoth bonnet/ white balsamic sauce.


I put this along side one of my all time FAVORITE beers in Night Shift Brewing – Nebula.


Nebula was the 5th release in Night Shift’s 2014 Barrel Society Lineup.  A Berliner Weisse (or sour wheat ale) aged in oak barrels with a wild yeast strain called Brettanomyces known for imparting “funky” flavors (and it did) as well as a “funky” fruit called the prickly pear.


The tart acidity of the base beer plus the earthy funk flavors from the brett, dressed in that prickly pear fruitiness paired perfectly with the savory spice and rich butteriness of these taco/po boy hybrids.


You may not be able to find the beer, it is relatively exclusive, but you can definitely make these little 2 scallop croissanwiches and pair it with something bright and fruity of your own.  You won’t regret it.


Eat Well. Drink Well. Live Well.