Say Hello to Dorothy; an effervescent and hoppy ‘farmstead’ ale that is light, bright, lively, and playful.


While my experience with the beers crafted by Shaun Hill on his family land at Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, VT, I am acutely aware of their reputation and this beer does not disappoint. It’s remarkably well crafted and impresses with it’s simplicity. The native yeast gives this beer soothing aromas of light flowers and honey while the hops play off subtle herbaceous notes that finish light and airy. The effervescence produces a thick white fluffy head that simply does not recede. This beer would would be amazing at a humid, breezy sunset and would go very well with a creamy chevre, some elderflower honey, and a fresh crusty baguette. I’m still waiting for the HF beer that moves mountains for me so I probably wouldn’t make the 3+ hour trek to the Farmstead simply for this beer, but I’d gladly bring a bottle or two back if they happened to be on the shelves. Many thanks to Joe and Anna from Night Shift for grabbing this for me while you were up in the Holy Land! #cheers!