Modern Times – City of the Sun


A beer guy I greatly respect recently said this was the best tasting beer he’d ever had….

…. He must’ve had many beers beforehand that day.

To start I must say…this beer is at the upper echelon of easily acquirable (at least on the local scale) well made hoppy beers… But at the risk of sounding snobby, I live in New England and I’ll tell you that there are 3 breweries within minutes of my house producing better hoppy beers than this and a countless number in the region.  To be honest this may be one of the least impressive hoppy beers I’ve been sent from IT’S OWN home region.

For those not familiar, Modern Times hails from North American Craft beer Mecca, San Diego, CA.  Needless to say it’s elbowed it’s way into one of the most reputed and exclusive beer markets not only in the US but in the world!  All the credit in the world for ponying up to the likes of Alesmith, Green Flash, and many many MANY other world class breweries in the region.  But of the 3 offerings I’ve had the privilege to try, all of which were HERALDED by some of my best and most reputed beer friends and have been lacklustre at best(IMHO). I don’t want you to think I’m saying these beers are bad but they’ve been expressed as the next coming of Russian River, heady killers,  the next big brewery, the ushers of Modern Times.

I may be the first to disagree.

This brewery seems, as young as it is,  poised for the utmost success.  They have a brand, a following and a quality product.  I work for a similar such Brewing operation right now.  However,  the difference between my current endeavor and Modern Times is my place is focusing on off the cuff,  unique and memorable beer,  while I seems like modern times is embracing the stupidly American model of “whatever you can do I can do better.”  from what I’ve seen modern times is doing nothing new,  nothing innovative,  nothing to PROGRESS craft beer rather than just contribute to it. That being said all the offerings I’ve had from this brewery are delicious, well thought out,  and we’ll executed. But in my opinion,  they’ve barely elevated themselves to the forefront of their own city,  let alone the National elite.

So while I thank my friend David from the bottom of my heart for sending this to me (again it Was delicious!!) but I’m not on the Modern Times bandwagon… Although I’m still always open on persuasion.

Have you had this beer or another from Modern Times Beer??  Leave your experience, opinions, and notes below!