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The Adventures of a Fat Kid. From Bacon to Beer and Everything in Between.

The Wings of Angels

Hello.  My name is Derek, and I'm a Wing-a-holic.   Ever since my high school friend, Pete, introduced me to the culinary wonder known as Buffalo wings I've been hopelessly addicted to the little flapper pieces.  I love wings. All... Continue Reading →

National Hot Dog Day

It’s National Hot Dog Day!!!!   As usually happens, I didn’t know it was National _________ Day until today.  I never do. I just don’t keep up with the myriad of nationally dedicated days or what they’re dedicated to.  Every... Continue Reading →

Simple Steak, Sophisticated Beer.

Simple Steak, Sophisticated Beer   I’m not one to cook down.  I just don’t do it. In fact if there is a glaring flaw in my cooking it’s that I usually try to go too big.   Not tonight.  ... Continue Reading →

Steak and Eggs and Bacon

  Do I really even need to say anything??   One of my all time favorite dishes is really just a combination of two of my favorite dishes.   Steak + Bacon and Eggs   I know what you’re thinking.... Continue Reading →

Grilled Scallops topped with Grilled Corn and Grilled Bacon on Grilled Croissants. Grilled.

Grilled Scallops Topped with Grilled Bacon and Grilled Corn on Grilled Croissants       Welcome, friends!   A huge lacking element in my life over the past years had been outdoor space and (or more specifically for) a grill.... Continue Reading →

Grilled Asian Chicken Sandwich with Pickles

Grilled Asian Chicken Sandwich with Pickles I really wish I’d had more light and less beer (well, maybe just more light) last night because this was the best shot I got of these crazy good little sandwiches.  I made a... Continue Reading →

bacon and eggs cups

Stumbled upon the easiest sexiest breakfast morsels conceivable by man.  Take a mini muffin tin; line walls with a strip of bacon; crack in an egg; bake for 20 minutes.   How am I 33 and I’ve never done this??... Continue Reading →

Hill Farmstead – Dorothy

Say Hello to Dorothy; an effervescent and hoppy 'farmstead' ale that is light, bright, lively, and playful. While my experience with the beers crafted by Shaun Hill on his family land at Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, VT, I am... Continue Reading →

Modern Times - City of the Sun A beer guy I greatly respect recently said this was the best tasting beer he'd ever had.... .... He must've had many beers beforehand that day. To start I must say...this beer is... Continue Reading →

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